18 – Public Amenity

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18 – Public Amenity

Council’s purpose is to integrate the provision of essential, support, cultural, and other desirable
services into designated geographic areas that facilitates a satisfying and enjoyable experience and,
in particular, in existing villages and the Southern and Northern Growth Corridors.


18.1. Local Community Governance

18.1.1 Council will …

18.2 Central Coast Council:

18.2.1. ZONING: Council will: Prepare zoning requirements which encourage public amenity in existing villages
and the Southern and Northern Growth Corridors Prepare a plan to develop and integrate large areas of public interest & recreation
with areas of commerce [see examples: South Bank Q; New Farm Park QLD]

18.2.2. DEVELOPMENT PLANNING : Council will draw up a Public Spaces and Lifestyle Plan
with public spaces at the centre of the commercial and leisure hub. Associated exemplar
models will be prepared for use when discussing planning developments within the 2
growth corridors and existing towns and villages. If the development is within an already
existing residential area, then a large public space, close to any high density development,
should be planned.

18.2.3. SPACES: Council will: In respect of Large Space Precincts, Council will:

* identify and move to reserve areas for recreation close to enterprises such as hotels,
theatres, shops, cultural attractions, ground level specialty shops, avoiding theme parks like
Waterworld, Dreamworld, Chinese City replica, which can be developed away from the
public recreation precinct

* plan for future large planned Public Recreation spaces such that at least one is accessible
to every part of the Coast with the possibility of restaurants, art galleries, shaded areas,
pleasant walkways & museums being part of the mix

* plan for recreational development suitable for a range of recreational needs

* assess the feasibility of high density developments contributing to the development of
the aforementioned Large Space Precincts

* provide appropriately funded, installed and curated public art

* encourage responsible animal ownership and promote the benefits of owning
companion animals. Pet owners are responsible for controlling their pets in the local
neighbourhood and public places, as outlined in the NSW Companion Animals Act . The
needs of pets are to be balanced with those of the wider community. Pets must be kept
safe and be socialised appropriately. Dogs need training to learn basic commands and to
understand what you require of them. All dogs need regular exercise and we provide off-
leash areas for dogs to exercise. (list on-leash and off-leach parks and beaches.) In respect of small local activity spaces: Council will:

* identify and reserve areas within easy walking distance of locales.Precincts may organise
to include: natural vegetation, pathways, community gardening, play areas, basketball
hoops, pétanque area, simple labyrinth planting, chess area, picnic tables, allotment or
verge gardens

* encourage and support ongoing consultation with local community groups as part of the
management team on development and maintenance

* ensure that if a high rise building is developed in an existing residential area, there must
be a contribution from the developer to public space to be used for public purposes. The
contribution must go directly to the local public space and NOT go into a Council park fund

* ensure provision and construction of quality playgrounds.

18.2.4. STRUCTURES: Council will: Consider new protocols needed to maintain safe, healthy uses of amenities, such

* extension of the hours at our beaches and surf club facilities by better use of paid and
volunteer staff rosters

* maintaining toilets, water stations, electric scooter recharging, seating and shade,
emergency phone access, accessible toilet access, key availability and notices on accessible

* provision for private operators of small (relocatable) refreshment stalls in public areas

* designate sites and encourage busking and public entertainment

* provision for CCTV surveillance to protect public amenities.

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