2 – Consultation

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2 – Commitment to Consult

Council’s purpose is to ensure that honest, genuine and transparent consultation with constituents, workers, stakeholders and project partners is a core value of Council. Consultation precedes a decision and provides the opportunity to influence the decision. Consultation does not mean joint decision making. Effective consultation is about building trust between all persons involved in an activity to facilitate outcomes for the mutual benefit of all participants.

The following principles guide our approach to engaging the community in decision-making:

  • Integrity: Engagement should be clear in scope and purpose.
  • Inclusiveness: Engagement should be accessible and capture/involve consideration of a full range of values and perspectives.
  • Dialogue: Engagement should promote dialogue and open up genuine discussion.
  • Influence: The community should be able to see and understand the impact of their involvement in consultations that Council conducts.


2.1 Central Coast Council:

Council will offer a range of opportunities for residents, workers, community groups, business, government and industry stakeholders to share ideas, insight and feedback on our projects and policies to help inform Council decisions. Opportunities for participation are available via:

  • workshops and community meetings
  • stakeholder meetings and roundtables
  • online consultations on Council’s website
  • community reference groups
  • advisory panels
  • drop-in sessions
  • surveys

2.1.1 Council will share information and base its decisions on the consideration of all available evidence for the benefit of all.

2.1.2 In conducting consultations Council shall ensure: relevant information about the matter is shared with the identified participants [including in draft form], and reasonable opportunity is given to the participants so that they can express their views; raise questions in relation to the matter; contribute to the decision-making process relating to the matter; have the views of the participants recognised and recorded; and have the participant advised of the outcome of the consultation in a timely manner.

2.1.3 Council will provide training for all directors and workers in effective consultation processes and techniques.

2.1.4 Council will meet all its statutory consultation requirements in an expert and timely manner.

No comments are available, as further direct community engagement will be available in the form of a special purpose “wiki” using the open source “Wikimedia” software which is used to power WikiPedia, to be launched shortly after the election at Central Coast Wiki for registration of interested residents to participate.

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