7 – Culture & Arts

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7 – Culture & Arts

Arts and culture will be key pillars to enhancing the creative life of our region. Fostering a thriving and creative culture will involve many departments of Council that have not historically been associated with a cultural agenda – departments such as economic development, planning, community, sport, youth and tourism. This will enable Council to more easily adopt an agenda of
transformational change in the way it addresses and manages issues arising across its areas of responsibility.


7.1. Central Coast Council:

In considering its arts and culture strategy:

7.1.1. Council will take an integrated, whole-of-Council approach to fostering a creative culture that listens to and acts on the aspirations of our community.

7.1.2. Council will recognise that fostering a thriving and creative culture is not only the responsibility of those working directly in the arts and culture field.

7.1.3. Council will ask the community what its aspirations are for a creative Central Coast.

7.1.4. Council will engage performing and visual arts and culture groups across the coast to
develop an arts and culture plan that celebrates diversity and difference and allows each
group to flourish in their own space and place.

7.1.5. Council will engage across multiple media platforms and multiple groups, such as
schools, sporting groups, youth groups and the aged, for the development and delivery of arts
and cultural facilities and events.

7.1.6. Council will host major region-specific events that give an identity to the Central
Coast Region and attract visitors and longer term residents.

7.1.7. Council will make available affordable venues and support for local cultural, sports
and arts activities and groups.

7.1.8. Council will coordinate the development of a 1,000+ seat Performing Arts Centre on
the Gosford Waterfront that will comprise: A large concert style hall to attract international and national artists to the coast. A smaller theatre for local bands and choral concerts. A sense of ‘place’ in which regional artists feel a sense of ownership and belonging. An outdoor space capable of varying crowd capacities, for concerts, displays,
exhibitions. A conference & exhibition centre. Workshop spaces to cater for artists such as: sculptors, potters, painters, writers
and craft workers. Café and dining facilities.

7.1.9. Council will work with the arts community to develop a culture of collaboration
rather than competition for funds & audiences

7.1.10. Council will reactivate international sister city connections with a view to much
greater cross cultural collaboration.

7.2. NSW Government:

7.2.1. Council will advocate for the planning and funding provisions of the above plan

7.3. Federal Government:

7.3.1. Council will advocate for the planning and funding provisions of the above plan.

No comments are available, as further direct community engagement will be available in the form of a special purpose “wiki” using the open source “Wikimedia” software which is used to power WikiPedia, to be launched shortly after the election at Central Coast Wiki for registration of interested residents to participate.

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