15 – Social Cohesion & Democracy

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15 – Social Cohesion & Democracy

Council’s purpose is to consciously build greater levels of social cohesion and community participation in our democracy, with higher levels of democratic understanding and practice throughout the citizenry, including the introduction of structures and protocols designed to enable local precinct freedoms to act, and express opinions.


15.1 Local Community Engagement

15.1.1 Council will …

15.2 Central Coast Council:

15.2.1 Council will, specifically, employ 3 levels of consultation, wherever possible,to engage the community in participatory processes on matters of public importance:

* frequent use of established community organisations including consultations with indigenous and multicultural organisations, and especially with existing and active ‘umbrella’ organisations such as Progress Associations, for precinct-level consultation.

* establishment of precinct advisory committees where community-wide
groups are not already established, and frequent use of them for consultative

* maintenance and strengthening of Council’s advisory support using a
committee structure.

15.2.2 Council will seek to inform and train, precinct by precinct, communities to use reserved public lands for organised and agreed public purposes such as:
vegetable and flower gardening; recreation; animal exercise; wildlife rehabilitation;
bees and small bird habitat regeneration, etc.

15.2.3 Council will engage diverse sectors of the Central Coast community in a
consultation with the purpose of identifying the special aspirations of each group within the overarching goal of bringing Australians together.

15.2.4 Council will undertake/commission research, in collaboration with civil
society on the Central Coast, to identify experiences, policies, and any other barriers to the achievement of social cohesion.

15.2.5 Council will conduct events designed to emphasise both aspects of
Australian multiculturalism: bringing Australians together while acknowledging and celebrating multicultural differences within the Australian context.

15.2.6 Council will set multicultural protocols for the conduct of Council’s
relationship with disparate groups.

15.2.7 Council will conduct multicultural forums designed to identify events which draw people of disparate backgrounds together to Celebrate Difference and enjoy joint and integrated activities.

15.2.8 Council will encourage organisations and groups to welcome newcomers of all ethnicities to the Central Coast

15.2.9 Council will conduct regular Cultural Orientation Forums for relatively recent immigrants to Central Coast with the purpose of introducing them to Australian, and more local, customary behaviours when driving or walking or shopping or spectating or while in an audience, safe behaviour and places, dangerous behaviour and areas … anything designed to make their understandings more complete.

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