14 – Economy

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14 – Economy

Council’s purpose is to:
· collect, collate & publish data and research pertaining to the Central Coast economy
· understand the current economic workings on the Central Coast
· envision a preferred economic future for the Central Coast
· undertake actions for which the Council has direct responsibility in pursuit of this preferred
· advocate, negotiate and campaign for necessary contributions to this preferred future from
the NSW and
· Federal governments, as well as infrastructure funding agencies.
· acknowledge that small businesses account for 90% of commercial activity on the Central
Coast. Council
· has an important role to engender, encourage, advocate and support a business-friendly
approach to viable
· small businesses & start-ups, consistent with economically sustainable & public amenity


14.1. Local Community Engagement:

14.1.1 The council will accept new forms of economic engagement with residents that
include digital tools to enhance, accept and engage the local economy.

14.2 Central Coast Council:

14.2.1. Council will prepare, in consultation with key economic organisations, research
centres and departments, an over-view of current economic activity, including viable
small businesses, in the Central Coast Region, by sector, and identify current
strengths, weaknesses, gaps and opportunities. The over-view will contain a
comprehensive strategy and detailed plan for a concerted move to a technologically
advanced economy shaped to meet the Common Good needs of Central Coast
citizens. High priority will be given to job creation associated with: high speed
internet on the Central Coast; fast public transport; agricultural production and
supply to Sydney; solar, wind, wave production of energy; tourism; Indigenous
Australian culture and history; conservation and heritage; arts, culture,
entertainment, sports, amongst others. Council will partner with other government
organisations with existing expertise and programs together with the local
government area’s relevant service providers in delivering tailored programs and

14.2.2 Council will immediately take action to research, distribute information, and publicly
consult with the Central Coast community, as it develops a year-by-year strategy to
introduce a new Intelligent Central Coast Economy comprising its two major
components: Digital Economy [14.2.3] and Sharing Economy [14.2.4]:

14.2.3 Digital Economy: Council will consult with key Australian researchers and successful
international city-experts, followed by publication of a Council analysis to provide
the foundation for Council’s support for a rapid move to a digital economy to
comprise: Provision of high speed internet to underpin all other Council initiatives Provision of Innovation and Start-Up Centre[s] to accelerate the
generationof economic activity from the high-speed internet Growing the economy though the identification and use of appropriate
new IT that supports/encourages economic growth. Joint ventures with NGOs to educate constituent groups to gain the skills
necessary to participate in the digital economy. Democratic processes that enable a free flow of open data, knowledge and
ideas, evaluation and eventual implementation Transparency of transactions and Open Data Sets that enable evidence
based decisions.

14.2.4 Sharing Economy: Council will consult with key Australian researchers and
successful international city-experts, followed by publication of a Council analysis
which provides the foundation for Council’s support for a rapid move to a Shared
Economy comprising: Goods … to encourage the exchange of goods locally through markets,
community facilities, garage sales, & online listings. Services … to encourage the exchange of services through the creation of
local service provider markets Transport … to encourage lawful ride sharing, pedestrianisation, cycling,
mobility aids, shared ownership models including car hire,taxis; active transport
[example: Go Get Accommodation … to encourage responsible and lawful home-sharing
initiatives including regulation of Airbnb-style services

14.2.5 Sustainable energies: Council will analyse existing research to establish the best
potential job-driving energy initiatives that Council can support, such as: wave, solar,
wind, hot-rock, bio, and produce a Central Coast sustainable energies report (Central
Coast Sustainable Energies Report) with recommendations for Council initiatives with
public and/or private monies.

14.2.6. Sustainable industries: Council will analyse existing research to better understand
which industries are most capable of consolidating and expanding within the Central
Coast environment, and what, if anything, can be done to encourage these
industries. Amongst the many to be considered: agriculture, especially food for the
Sydney market; tourism consistent with environmental health and public ownership
of public lands; Indigenous Australian culture-based servicing of the Sydney market;
holidaying in both summer and winter; wave-driven energy production; IT-based
start-ups which are housed in Council-initiated premises with early infrastructure
and overheads support.

14.2.7 Sustainable jobs: consistent with Council’s view of the desirability of a relatively high
proportion of new and sustainable jobs being permanent full-time jobs, Council will
convene public forums comprising business, unions, as well as interested regional
residents, to investigate existing barriers to fulltime employment and what, if
anything, Council can do to encourage greater proportions of fulltime work.

14.2.8 Sustainable population: Council accepts an ever-expanding population is not “good”
for the Central Coast. Beaches, waterways and bushlands do not have infinite
capacity to absorb urban expansion without depletion of habitat for flora and fauna
and serious damage to ‘Public Amenity’. Over-populated amenities also produce
human stresses not needed. Council will commission an academic paper to analyse
possibilities for the Central Coast, and to make recommendations for future
population targets.

14.2.9 Very fast internet: Council will, given Sydney’s accelerating reliance for labour from the
Central Coast, campaign for priority provision of very fast internet connections and
associated investment to provide the necessary IT platform for that labour. Council will, in collaboration with the university sector and local business
groups, help establish IT-leveraged Start-Up Innovation Centres for the
use of entrepreneurial and innovative activities. Areas of particular
interest include: tourism, performing arts, arts, multicultural elements of
culture, music, online sales, agriculture, environment , sport. Council will encourage and support the development of Gigabit internet
services in appropriate zones to encourage economic growth, education,
and Research and Development.

14.3. NSW Government:

14.3.1 Council will seek funding from NSW Government to pursue the
recommendations outlined in Central Coast Sustainable Energies

14.3.2 Council will oppose any attempt by the NSW Government to impose,
encourage or permit: Fracking anywhere in Central Coast region. New/expanded coal mining anywhere in Central Nuclear power generation, nuclear dumping.

14.4. Federal Government:

14.4.1 Council will seek funding from Federal Government to pursue the
recommendations outlined in Central Coast Sustainable Energies

No comments are available, as further direct community engagement will be available in the form of a special purpose “wiki” using the open source “Wikimedia” software which is used to power WikiPedia, to be launched shortly after the election at Central Coast Wiki for registration of interested residents to participate.

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