1 – Governance

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Good Governance, Ethical Behaviour and Anti-Corruption

Council’s purpose is to ensure widespread community confidence in Councillors and Council employees. Good governance is at the heart of everything done at Council, covering the culture, processes, systems, policies and practices used to guide every day operations.

Good governance creates confidence in Council. It ensures Council delivers what it says it will deliver and that it acts in an ethical way. A key aspect of good local government is Ethics. Democracy depends fundamentally on public trust, and ethical behaviour must be actively pursued and nurtured. Council is committed to openness, transparency and accountability.

Corrupted political processes which hide from, or de-power the community at large, are the very processes which provide fertile ground for those who put personal ambition and private gain ahead of the Common Good and will of the People.


1.1 Central Coast Council:

1.1.1 Council will ensure that all Councillors have undertaken Code of Conduct and other training required under the Local Government Act prior to the first meeting of a new Council.

1.1.2 Council will provide and ensure all Councillors receive all necessary ongoing training to assist Councillors’ in fulfilling statutory requirements.

1.1.3 Council will provide leadership training to Councillors and staff, This training will focus developing capacity-building for an effective democratic local government.

1.1.4 Council will seek to discover acts/processes of corruption, and prosecute, and penalise. This will include confiscation of monies and property.

1.1.5 Council will seek and act upon legal advice concerning the best way to pursue anti-corruption strategies associated with various positions: the Mayor and Deputy Mayor; Councillors; senior Council management; other Council employees; Council consultants and advisors both professional and volunteered; pre-planning and planning procedures and processes.

1.1.6 Council will ensure all Council contracts will be awarded consistent with public tender requirements.

1.1.7 Council will deliver good governance through strategic management and involvement of local community.

1.1.8 Council will ensure its business relationships are ethical, honest, fair and consistent. Council’s business dealings will be transparent and open to public scrutiny.

1.1.9 Council will run an annual, full weekend marquee-style event, with associated entertainment, possibly associated with other elements of this plan. This event will include public and private [anonymous] forums to which Central Coast residents can go if they believe they have been treated unjustly by Council, an employer, an employee, a vendor, local government authorities, NSW Government authorities, Federal Government authorities, or that they have evidence of government corruption. These forums may be organised to cater for different topical areas anonymously or officially: pensioners; ADF veterans, homeless people; aged persons’ housing contracts; public housing; Indigenous Australian issues; multicultural issues .

1.1.10 Council will have a written plan for continuous improvement.

1.2 NSW Government:

1.2.1 Council will seek to enlist the NSW Government’s support for advocacy for the establishment of a national and Independent Commission Against Corruption.

1.3 Federal Government:

1.3.1 Council will advocate, in public and government forums, for the establishment of a national and Independent Commission Against Corruption.

No comments are available, as further direct community engagement will be available in the form of a special purpose “wiki” using the open source “Wikimedia” software which is used to power WikiPedia, to be launched shortly after the election at Central Coast Wiki for registration of interested residents to participate.

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