5 – Workers & Families

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5 – Workers & Families

Council’s purpose is to understand the realities of work-place wages and conditions for its population, and will therefore research, monitor and record throughout the Central Coast, in partnership with relevant other authorities (e.g. Fair Work Commission; Human Rights Commission; NSW Anti-discrimination Board), the provision of:

        • Award, and above-Award wages and conditions of employment
        • Workplace policies which are non-discriminatory and free of sexual harassment, nepotism and/or bullying.


5.1 Central Coast Council:

5.1.1. Every quarter, Council will sample a different category of worker to collect data and, with the university sector, analyse the data for: unviable businesses running only because they pay under-Award wages; incidence of illegal below-Award wages; incidence of over-Award hours; incidence of unpaid hours; incidence of perceived workplace intimidation, discrimination, nepotism.

5.1.2. At least annually, possibly in collaboration with local media, Council will organise a public forum aimed at listening to issues from workers, their families, pensioners, small business with a view to providing Council and the media with insights into common barriers and difficulties experienced by the community.

5.1.3 Council will review its employment protocols with a view to becoming a ‘best practice’ employer in this region, exhibiting high levels of efficiency and output, employee satisfaction, and employee loyalty. Employees will have high expectations of the employer Council, just as Council will have high expectations of its employees.

5.1.4 Council will ensure that any tenders for providing Council services [eg waste collection] contain Council requirements which acknowledge relevant pre-existing Enterprise Agreements and reasonable opportunity for flexible staffing [such as an 80-20 split between full-time and casual jobs].

5.2 NSW Government:

5.2.1. Each quarter, Council will provide NSW Government and the mass media with data and analysis based on its research.

5.3 Federal Government:

5.3.1. Each quarter, Council will provide NSW Government and the mass media with data and analysis based on its research.

No comments are available, as further direct community engagement will be available in the form of a special purpose “wiki” using the open source “Wikimedia” software which is used to power WikiPedia, to be launched shortly after the election at Central Coast Wiki for registration of interested residents to participate.

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