Gosford West

Gosford West Ward – community vote compass

Voters in Gosford West Ward are advised that the candidates who have either directly participated in the preparation of, and/or are strong supporters of the Community Plan Central Coast [CPCC] include the groups headed by the following candidates:

Da Costa and her team. (Central Coast Greens) Group C

Greyem and her team. (Independent)  Group E

Meyrtens and his team. (CC Labor) Group G

By way of explanation, CPCC:

Voters are urged to number at least 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to maximise the vote for supporters of the Community Plan Central Coast.

We are NOT supportive of Mr Chestnut’s (New Independents) advocacy of a 2nd preference to Mr Holstein who did not attend any CPCC meetings/workshops despite a direct invitation to do so, and who was recently appointed the Chair of the Central Coast Task Force which was recently established and funded by Mr John Singleton, developer and prohibited participant in these elections. Which we feel presents a conflict of interest inconsistent with our agreed policies of good governance and transparency.

Those wishing to support Gary Chestnut (New Independents)  Group A, should not preference Mr Holstein.

Click here for a full list of candidates that support the Plan

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